Canon K35 Superspeed PL Mount Set

14mm, 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm, 135mm, 200mm


The Canon K35 Superspeeds have earned an Academy Award for technical innovation.

They are extremely special lenses, unique in many ways:

            - they are the only true motion picture lenses to cover the full-frame still format (FF35),

              enabling them to perfectly work with all film and digital formats, now and in the future

              (including Red One and Scarlet 4K, Epic 5K and even Red Epic Dragon 6K)

            - incredibly fast (apertures starting at T1.4)

            - sharp and contrasty - much sharper than the Zeiss Superspeeds, especially when

              wide open; stunning in low light

            - they have wonderful character, producing beautiful images with a particularly

              gorgeous bokeh (due to their special 14-blade iris). When used with digital 

              sensors, they deliver the most filmic footage we have seen to date, with a

              creamy, cinematic look.     

Beside the basic K35 set (18mm-85mm), we have added additional matching Canon Optex lenses at both ends of the spectrum (14mm, 135mm and 200mm), offering a truly amazing range of focal lengths. All the lenses in the set cover full frame, and they feature industry-standard PL mounts. 

Canon Optex     14mm      T2.8    PL Mount

Canon K35        18mm      T1.5    PL Mount

Canon K35        24mm      T1.6    PL Mount

Canon K35        35mm      T1.4    PL Mount

Canon K35        55mm      T1.4    PL Mount

Canon K35        85mm      T1.4    PL Mount

Canon Optex    135mm     T2.0    PL Mount

Canon Optex    200mm     T2.8    PL Mount

Angenieux 25-250mm T3.9 Zoom Lens

We also have a very nice Angenieux 25-250mm T3.9 Zoom Lens in PL Mount and a very nice Century Precision 2X Extender.

Angenieux 25-250mm Zoom  T3.9  PL Mount

Century Precision X2 Lens Extender

  1. -rod lens support

  2. -integrated focus and zoom rings

  3. -clamp-on filter adapter

  4. -shade              

Lens Package

  1. -works with both zoom and prime lenses