Body and Accessories

6K. Five pounds. 16.5 stops of native latitude. Up to 21 stops of latitude in HDRx mode. Increased sensitivity. Better colors. Up to a stunning 100 fps in 6K.

The camera of choice for Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Steven Soderbergh and many others in Hollywood. We are proud to offer you the best digital cinema camera on the market.

You can rent from us just the brain (RED EPIC-M DRAGON or RED EPIC-X DRAGON) if you simply need a back-up body (it comes with Titanium PL Mount and Side SSD Module) or different packages tailored to your specific shooting needs. We offer most standard RED EPIC Accessories, such as the Touch LCD, Bomb EVF, Side Handle, Redmote, SSD Cards, EPIC Quick Release Pack, Gold Mount (Anton Bauer) Batteries, Rods (19mm and 15mm) and many other items.

Let us know what you need and we will put together the right package for your project.

  1. 19 Megapixel Dragon™ Sensor

  2. 6K RAW (Various Aspect Ratios)

  3. 6144 x 3160 Pixel Resolution

  4. 30.7mm x 15.8mm maximum image area

  5. Native 800 ASA sensitivity (many usable ASAs)

  6. 16.5 stops of latitude (up to 21 with HDRx™)

  7. Raw recording to digital media (SSD Cards)

  8. Record RAW: 6K, 6KHD, 5.5K, 5K, 5KHD, 4.5K, 4K,

  9. 4KHD, 3K and 2K in various aspect ratios

  10. Many frame rates available at different formats

  11. 2 channel, uncompressed, 24 bit, 48KHz audio

  12. Designed for cinema style production

  13. Body weighs just 5 pounds

  14. S/N Ratio: 80db

  15. Constructed from Aluminum Alloy

Red Epic Dragon Features


We carry a wide variety of EPIC camera accessories from RED, Element Technica, Wooden Camera and others, allowing the maximum flexibility in designing the perfect package for your project.

EPIC vs. Red One

EPIC vs. Arri Alexa

EPIC DRAGON Resolution Chart

Epic-M Dragon          Epic-X Dragon