Follow Focus, Matte Boxes, Filters

Arriflex, Tiffen, Schneider, Harrison, Red Rocket X (new!)


Our line of accessories are designed to maximize the incredibly small size and weight of the RED EPIC DRAGON camera. While emphasizing versatility (we can build up the camera on the 19mm Studio or 15mm Lightweight Rods systems, depending on each job’s requirements), we are huge fans of  keeping the EPIC as small and as easy to use as possible. Take advantage of the immense power of 35mm cinematography in a package smaller and lighter than the Super 16mm format.

Whatever you need to complement the camera - we’ve got you covered. We have the best follow focus on the market, the Arri FF-4 (with various add-ons). We carry a very large assortment of industry-standard Tiffen, Schneider and Harrisons filters in different sizes, as well as the required Arri matte boxes, rings and shades to go along with them.

NEW! We have the Red Rocket X for rent in the Magma ExpressBox 3T Thunderbolt 2 chassis.



Follow Focus

Arri FF-4 Follow Focus

  1. -left and right focus knobs

  2. -adapter bridge for 19mm support rods

  3. -various focus lens gears

  4. -follow focus crank (speed handle) and whip

  5. -various marking disks (flat and beveled)              

Matte Boxes, Rings

Arri 3x3 LMB-2 Matte Box

  1. -clip-on, lightweight

  2. -two 3x3 filter trays

  3. -accepts one Series 9 filter in the back

  4. -rectangular or round shade


The huge advantage of the Canon K35 Superspeed Lenses is their compact size. They can easily accommodate relatively small filters, without vignetting. Therefore, we have found that the perfect sizes that complement our lenses are 3x3 square, Series 9 round and 4 1/2” (4.5 inch) round. We also have Arri MMB-2 Matteboxes (customized) using both 4x5.65” filters and 4 1/2” filters (3-stage).

All our Arri 3x3 matte boxes are custom-modified to accept both 3x3 and Series 9 filters.

  1. -clip-on, lightweight

  2. -two 3x3 filter trays

  3. -custom-modified to accept one Series 9 filter in the front

  4. -round or rectangular shade



  1. -a variety of rings to fit all needs, from clip-on rings that attach directly to the lens, to step-up adapter rings for all the possible variations in size (67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, Series 9, 4 1/2”)            


  1. -a big assortment of rubber shades, from Series 9 to 4 1/2”, all in different sizes (small, large, wide-angle etc)             

Arri 3x3 LMB-2 Matte Box


We carry a truly huge variety of filters in the industry-standard sizes mentioned above (4x5.65”, 3x3, Series 9 and 4 1/2”). From NDs, Grads and Hot Mirrors to Diopters, Corals and Diffusion, you will find at East Rentals whatever filters you need.

Tiffen, Schneider, Harrison 4x5.65”, 3x3, Ser 9, 4 1/2”

  1. -ND (Neutral Density)

  2. -ND Grads (Neutral Density Graduated)

  3. -ND Attenuators

  4. -Hot Mirror (IR blocking)

  5. -Polarizer

  6. -Clear and Haze

  7. -Diopters and Split Diopters

  8. -80C and 80D

  9. -Fluorescent (FL-D and FL-B)

  10. -Low Contrast

  11. -Fog

  12. -Double Fog

  13. -Black and White Promist

  14. -H&H Black Dot (Texture Screen)

  15. -H&H Diffusion

  16. -Softnet White and Softnet Black

  17. -Coral

  18. -Star (a large variety)

  19. -812 Warming

  20. -Enhancing

  21. -Cool Day for Night

  22. -85 Series

  23. -LL-D

  24. -Black & White (Yellow 8, Orange 16, Green 11, Red 25)           

Arri 4x5.65”/4.5” MMB-2 Matte Box

  1. -custom-modified to accept 3 filters (3-stage mattebox)

  2. -one rectangular 4x5.65” and two rotating 4.5” round filters

  3. -15mm lightweight or 19mm studio rod support

  4. -top flag, monitor support